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TV Nite
The Andy Griffith Show
2 Disc Set

Raintree Home Video

Episodes (16): Disc 1 - Andy Discovers America, Andy's English Valet, The Big House, A Wife For Andy, Dogs Dogs Dogs, Barney's First Car, Class Reunion, Rafe Hollister Sings. Disc 2 - Mountain Wedding, Opie and the Spoiled Kid, Aunt Bee's Medicine Man, The Rivals, The Great Filling Station Robbery, The Darlings Are Coming, High Noon in Mayberry, The Loaded Goat.

Vintage commercials and cartoons:
Post Cereals
Flintstones Vitamins
Sears Spy Attache Case
Betty Boop
1957 Chevrolet
Mattel Tommy-Burst Detective Set
The New Three Stooges
Mighty Mouse
Scott Tissue
Lionel Trains
Casper The Friendly Ghost

The content of these discs is almost the same as the Catcom Home Video discs seen on Reviews Page 2. The same graphic of a television screen is used on both except "Catcom" has been replaced with "Raintree".

Picture quality is a bit dark and grainy. Some episodes have a few large scratches on the film. Sound quality is good. Every episode is complete and uncut, however the original theme music has been replaced with a different tune. Even with these flaws, the nice thing about this DVD set is the vintage commercials. The Post Cereals commercials are the best as they actually feature characters from The Andy Griffith Show. There is one with just Andy, one with Andy and Barney, and (my favorite) one with Andy and the two little old ladies from the episode, "Alcohol and Old Lace."