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Aside from the official DVDs released by Paramount, there are a lot of other The Andy Griffith Show DVDs out there. They all contain some of the same 16 episodes of the series that have fallen into the public domain. This basically means they are not copyrighted and anyone with a film print or video tape of these episodes can produce and sell copies of them. Since the quality will vary from DVD to DVD, this site has been designed to give you an educated choice if you decide to purchase one.
A note on video quality, music, and running times...
In most cases, the video quality of these DVDs usually isn't as good compared to what you see on television since TV stations are supplied prints directly from the studio. The familiar "The Fishin' Hole" tune used as the opening/ closing theme music holds a separate copyright so some companies will replace it with their own music if they don't want to pay for use of the original.

Also, some of the episodes may not be complete because, over the years, TV prints have been edited down to allow room for more commercials. This could mean the exclusion of the epilogue (which is usually the first thing to go) or just a severely edited show. A DVD from Madacy Entertainment contains a version of "Andy's English Valet" that was edited down to a mere 16 minutes! A complete original episode should run between 24 and a half and 25 and a half minutes.

The details of these issues are included in each review.
The episodes
All of the episodes on these DVDs come from the third season of the show. They are:

-High Noon In Mayberry
-The Great Filling Station
-The Rivals
-Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
-The Loaded Goat
-Barney's First Car
-A Wife For Andy
-The Big House
-Class Reunion
-Opie and the Spoiled Kid
-Aunt Bee's Medicine Man
-Andy's English Valet
-Rafe Hollister Sings
-Andy Discovers America
-The Darlings Are Coming
-Mountain Wedding

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